Beretta A300 Outlander Mallard 12ga 3″


Make:  Beretta
Model:  A300 Outlander Mallard
Caliber:  12ga 3″
Barrel length:  28″
Condition:  New
Inv #:  100000000501

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The key to superior performance in semiautomatic shotguns is simplicity. 
In keeping with the Beretta tradition, the new A300 Outlander is a soft-shooting gas-operated system semi-auto which combines the reliable Beretta bolt with falling block (locked breech) with an improved gas valve with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston, so that excess pressure caused by the most powerful cartridges can be decreased automatically.


The rugged A300 outlander it is elegant, yet efficient. Sleek yet strong. With slim, graceful lines that leave an indelible impression at first sight.
The receiver: Completely and precisely machined from a solid block of special light alloy aluminum, it has moveable parts in steel, and high quality light alloys, assembled with particular care, checked and polished to ensure exceptional operation. All metal parts are protected by special finishes against wear, and tear and rusting. The ergonomically rounded back of the light alloy receiver fits smoothly into the stock, enabling rapid and instinctive target acquisition. The top of the receiver is designed to accept (with an optional base) optics and other aiming system. Constructed using a special aluminium alloy, the A300 Outlander receiver has undergone an anodic oxidation process that protects the firearm from rusting and scratching. The safety button can be reversed for left-handed shooters.
The trigger guard is made of heavy duty polymer. Its new semi-square shape makes finger positioning easier. The rounded shape and absence of sharp corners have been designed for more rapid, more secure trigger grip. The use of a technopolymer ensures that the color will remain in the parts traditionally subject to rubbing while at the same time enhancing sensitivity of touch in cold climates. The opening of the trigger guard is bigger so the trigger is accessible even to a gloved hand. The chromed carrier and bolt withstand rust and wear and offer more sturdiness in the execution of their vital function. The safety button, also newly designed, now offers a wider surface for easier operation. For accidental engaging or disengaging, the safety is protected and topped by a protruding edge that also enhances its appearance. The trigger is chrome-plated for ultimate rust protection. Its silver color sets it apart from the other parts of the shotgun. 
The fore-end has long, slender contours that add to the harmony of the A300 Outlander overall design. The cap has a new polymer structure that makes it very lightweight, weather and rust-resistant. In front of the fore-end cap is applied a practical swivel stud. The stock provides superior comfort and a secure grip to ensure the highest performance during firing. Made of fine walnut carefully selected for its design and resistant finish, its grip contour is designed to optimally accommodate the hand of the user with a top ambidextrous finger rest.


The Beretta semi-automatic A300 Outlander is characterized by a particularly small number of assemblies. The shotgun is composed of five main assembly groups which can be field stripped by the user, for quick and easy disassembly. A firearm that can be easily taken apart is also easier to clean. Easy cleaning encourages to perform more careful maintenance on the firearm ensuring long-term reliability.


The exclusive gas-operated system, patented by Beretta, with a self-cleaning cylinder and piston, has a self-cleaning exhaust valve, so that excess pressure caused by the most powerful cartridges can be decreased automatically: as a result, the shotgun without any adjustment or intervention can shoot cartridges from 70 mm (2 3/4 in) /24 g (7/8 oz), to 76 mm (3 in) /57 g (2 oz). The semi-automatic gas-operated A400 Xplor has also been optimized to ensure lower gas dispersal. As a result, the system has a self-cleaning feature that further minimizes maintenance and significantly reduces the stress to which the operating parts are subjected to at higher charges, thereby ensuring the greatest possible service life of the firearm. The new piston has been designed to constantly clean out gunpowder residue in the cylinder, increasing the efficiency of the firearm and reducing the need for maintenance. The elastic piston seal has a rough finish to optimize cleaning.

ASSEMBLY WARNING: In order to prevent damage to the elastic piston seal, first insert the piston into the chamber cylinder and then insert the magazine tube cap shaft through the piston hole. The valve unit is connected to the barrel, making assembly and disassembly of the barrel itself easier.


In alloy steel, made with the exclusive cold hammering process to ensure perfect concentricity, the barrel of the new Beretta semi-automatic A300 Outlander is exceptionally robust and lightweight at the same time. Designed for use with steel shot cartridges, it has a Mobilchoke internal profile. The bore is chrome plated to ensure the longest life and resistance to rust, wear and tear and to increase the shot velocity, while it is deep blued on the exterior. The Beretta Mobilchoke internal choke tubes are designed to reduce shot deformation and to enhance shot pattern distribution and concentration. Made in high performance nickel plated steel, the Beretta Mobilchoke choke tubes ensure the highest protection against rust and resistance to use of steel shot.


Between the stock and the receiver is a technopolymer spacer and inside the stock is a stainless steel plate that can be used to change the drop and cast of the stock by simply modifying the assembly configuration. A set of additional spacers is also provided to further change the drop by replacing the spacer pair.

MAGAZINE CAPACITY: The magazine has a two-shot capacity, in line with current hunting regulations in many countries, made possible by the insertion of a reducer. This reducer restricts firearm use to no more than three shots (two in the magazine, and one in the cartridge chamber). This device is fitted by Beretta during manufacture and assembly of the A300 Outlander. In certain specific areas, hunting is only authorized with firearms of not more than two rounds. To use the A300 Outlander in these regions, the magazine capacity must be limited to a single shot with a reducer plug (operation to be performed by a competent gunsmith).  NOTE! WITH REDUCER REMOVED, CAPACITY IS 3 SHELLS IN THE MAGAZINE WITH THE USE OF 2.75” SHELLS ONLY!  WITH 3” SHELLS, IT WILL ONLY ACCOMMODATE 2 SHELLS IN THE MAGAZINE!

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