Browning Invector Choke Tube T-Wrench – 28 ga


The Choke Tube T-Wrench allows more torque to be applied with greater leverage. Ideal for choke tubes that have experienced heavy shooting and might be a little sticky. Fits Standard Invector choke tubes in .410 bore only. The T-handle can be shifted to the side for greater leverage to break loose a sticky tube. Be very careful when working with choke tube wrenches to prevent damaging the slot end of the tube, particularly with extended tubes. Keep choke tubes and threads clean to assure easy removal and insertion. 

Proven. Perhaps the most effective choke tube wrench design ever, the design is proven with sub-gauges, including any Browning .410 bore Standard Invector choke system. 


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Dimensions 18 × 11 × 4 cm