Browning Microblast Led Pen Light


Always there. Always bright. Certainly, the Mircroblast is no ordinary pen light of the past. It offers a brightness that rivals full-sized flashlights from just a few years ago. And with its aluminum body, it is plenty tough. You will never regret having one any time you are surprised with a job to do in the dark. And the slim size lets you illuminate in places that others won’t fit. One Triple-A battery may not be enough, but the Microblasts 2 AAA batteries give you the runtime you need. Lastly, it comes with a bore light adapter which is pretty much essential when checking and cleaning your firearm’s bore.


  • Mode: High white 
  • Battery: Two standard AAA batteries (included) 
  • Rugged all-aluminum body 
  • Pocket clip 
  • Includes clear bore light adapter 
  • Impact-resistant to 1 meter


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Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 21 × 11 × 2 cm