Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile ARC


7x magnification
VDT (Vivid Display Technology)
2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) provides up to ó yard accuracy and 1/10-yard display precision
VSI (Variable Sight-in)
ARC Rifle Mode – provides bullet-drop/ holdover in CM, IN, MOA & MIL.
BullsEye,™ Brush™ and Scan mode
Range: 5–1,760 yards
Diopter adjustment
Compatible with magnetic attachment system
RainGuard® HD
Fully waterproof
Built-in tripod mount

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1/2-yard accuracy out to 200 yards. +/- one-yard accuracy out to one mile. True horizontal distance out to 1,000 yards. The numbers don’t lie. The first laser rangefinder found under the Bushnell® Elite® Tactical family name, the Elite® 1 Mile ARC, is a remarkable advantage for long-range shooters. In addition to deadly accuracy, it features 7x magnification, faster and more-accurate readings than any other rangefinder, and bullet drop information, regardless the angle and range you are shooting! The display is bright red with a crisp, clear readout in any lighting. And all user adjustable. There’s no better way to get line of sight and true horizontal travel of your bullet to your target than the tough, waterproof Elite® 1 Mile rangefinder.

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Dimensions 16.5 × 19.5 × 8.5 cm


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