Excalibur RevX Mossy Oak Country DNA


The Excalibur REV X Crossbow – where innovation meets excellence. With our new integrated Charger X crank platform, we’ve redefined the crossbow experience, offering a sleek and streamlined design for better balance and ease of use. Cock it effortlessly with reduced effort, and enjoy the added safety of easy decocking. Top it off with Excalibur’s renowned recurve designed that provides durability and confidence second-to-none. Simply put, the Excalibur REV X is the world’s most reliable and user-friendly crossbow, period. Elevate your crossbow game with the REV X and experience the future of crossbow technology.


  • Advanced ChargerX Integrated Crank. Redefining convenience and safety in the field. It’s never been easier to cock or de-cock a crossbow!
  •  Streamlined Stock engineered for lightweight, comfort, and perfect balance.
  • Premium, clean-breaking Trigger that delivers precise consistent accuracy like no other.
  • Excalibur’s legendary design and technology produce the most rugged and reliable crossbow in its class.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


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  • SPEED:   400 FPS

    Today’s crossbows are faster than ever before. Faster crossbows can deliver more downrange energy.


    Optimizing length can provide better balance while shorter crossbows can be better suited for maneuverability and tight spaces.

  • WEIGHT:   7 / 9 LBS

    The weight shown on the left is the overall weight without accessories installed, while the weight on the right is the weight with all included accessories installed.


    Draw effort is the weight of resistance while cocking a crossbow. Most crossbows require minimal effort to draw with a cocking aid.

  • DRAW TYPE:  Integrated Crank

    Modern crossbows are drawn back with a cocking aid. Excalibur crossbows use attachable cranks, integrated cranks, and rope cockers to achieve as little as 12 lbs of draw effort.

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Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 93 × 29 × 29 cm