Federal Premium 12 ga 3″ 300gr Trophy Copper Sabot Slug ( Rounds)


Harness the power of slugs without sacrifices. The Federal Premium Trophy Copper uses a unique sabot design to produce rifle-like accuracy at 200 yards through rifled barrels. The slug’s deep, externally skived nose cavity provides superior expansion, while the polymer tip and sleek profile increase downrange velocity and game-dropping energy.

  • Precision sabot provides superior in-bore alignment and consistent projectile separation at muzzle exit for the ultimate slug accuracy
  • Sub-4 inch groups at 200 yards
  • Deep, externally skived slug cavity for consistent, superior expansion across a broad velocity range
  • Polymer tip and sleek profile increase the ballistic coefficient for higher downrange velocity and energy

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Gauge12 Gauge
Bullet Weight300
Muzzle Velocity2000
Shotshell Length3in. / 76mm
Bullet StyleTrophy Copper
Shot Charge Oz2/3
Ballistic Coefficient.187
Package Quantity5
UsageMedium Game

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Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 2.5 cm