Flextone All-In-One Boned Up Deer Call


Realistic buck, doe and fawn calls
Press buttons to change sound
Flexible body for tone variety
Compact size
Easy to use

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The All-N-One™ Boned Up looks as fierce as it grunts. The boned-up, antlerized body isn’t just there for looks, though. Its flexible design is the reason this grunt call can create such realistic sounds. The call easily bends and twists for natural inflection – just like the soft tissue in deer’s mouths and throats.

Amateur callers will appreciate the user-friendly buttons; simply press to switch between compelling buck, young buck, doe and fawn sounds. The volume button offers further control for softer sounds. Advanced callers know the trouble disassembly and O-rings can create, but these modern upgrades paired with the call’s impressive versatility will turn what could have been a tragic hunt into a triumphant one.

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Dimensions 21 × 13 × 3.5 cm


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