FoxPro Bitter Sweet Glass Over Slate Turkey Call


FOXPRO’s Bittersweet pot call is a two-in-one call which offers versatility and realistic sound. The Bittersweet pot call is made from Honey Locust wood, offered in glass over slate, and comes with a one-piece Purple Heart wood striker. The Bittersweet is a tip-over call, meaning you are able to make a sound on each surface of the call. This gives you a slate call and a glass call all in one. Produce BITTER cuts, clucks, and yelps on the glass side and SWEET purrs, puts, and tree yelps on the slate side. 

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  • Makes high-quality hen and turkey sound variations
  • Two-sided calling capabilities
  • Honey Locust wood pot
  • One-piece Purple Heart striker
  • Offered in glass over slate
  • Preconditioned calling surface

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Dimensions 26 × 20 × 4 cm