Hodgdon Triple Seven 50/30 Pellets


Triple Seven® is a revolutionary black powder substitute that cleans up with water alone…even your hands will come clean with just water. You won’t have to worry about any strong smells either…that and the time-consuming clean-up are both eliminated when you shoot Triple Seven. Triple Seven granular powder even delivers higher velocity for flatter, more accurate shooting. Triple Seven Pellets, are designed to have the same velocity as the famous Pyrodex Pellet, so switching over to the quick cleaning Triple Seven Pellet is amazingly easy. Clean up with water, no smell, and with the powder, flatter, more accurate shots. You get it all with Triple Seven.
Caliber: .50
Pellet weight:
30 gr.

Note: Triple Seven is a high energy product designed to provide the muzzleloading hunter with higher velocities when used in the same VOLUME as blackpowder. To duplicate a blackpowder load velocity using Triple Seven, you must decrease the powder charge by 15%.  Muzzleloaders using a 150 grain max charge should use a maximum of 130 grains Triple Seven.


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