MDT ESS Chassis System for Tikka T3 SA RH -Cerakote Tactical Grey


The MDT ESS Chassis System introduced a lot of features that have since driven design decisions on MDT chassis moving forward, such as the M-LOK forend, ambidextrous magazine latch, and the XTN buttstock interface that allows room for your hand to sit naturally.

The main focus of the ESS from the very beginning was to create the most ergonomic chassis available. A lot of attention was put into every little detail to ensure that it feels comfortable and natural to hold and operate. During the design process, the chassis was carved into foam to find the right shapes and ensure the ergonomic goal. From the octagonal forend to the angled polymer foregrip, and the wide ergonomic thumb rest, this truly is a masterpiece to be held.

Another big focus is customizability. The enclosed M-LOK forend is available in 4 different styles; the included no rail forend, as well as optional carbon fiber, full rail, and partial rail forends. While the MDT ESS Chassis System comes with the MDT Pistol Grip – Elite, it’s also compatible with most other AR interface grips. The included MDT SRS-X Buttstock is also readily interchangeable with other XTN interface buttstocks, and can also be adapted to other interfaces using our own MDT Buttstock Adapters.


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