Speer .400 180gr TMJ FN


Unlike conventional FMJ bullets that leave lead exposed at the base, Speer® TMJ® uses Uni-Cor® technology to completely encase the lead core in a seamless jacket. It’s cleaner, more accurate and more consistent than any FMJ.

  • Uni-Cor technology completely encases the lead core in a seamless jacket
  • Design eliminates the accuracy-robbing features of conventional full metal jacket bullets
  • Reduces fouling and airborne lead
  • Consistent bullet diameters and a uniform heel


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Bullet Weight180
Bullet StyleTotal Metal Jacket
Ballistic Coefficient.135
Bullet Length In0.598in. / 15.19mm
Sectional Density0.161
Diameter In0.4
Diameter Mm10.16
Package Quantity100
UsageTarget Shooting

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