Speer Deepcurl 45colt 250gr Hp


Product Overview

We electrochemically bond the DeepCurl jacket to its lead core to create the toughest, most accurate handgun hunting bullet possible. Pre-formed petals expand reliably and consistently, and the bullet’s high weight retention ensures deep penetration on heavy-bodied game.

  • Electrochemical process bonds the jacket to the core
  • Pre-formed petals for reliable, controlled expansion
  • High weight retention and deep penetration


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Bullet Weight250
Bullet StyleHollow Point
Ballistic Coefficient.165
Bullet Length In0.705in. / 17.91mm
Sectional Density0.175
Diameter In0.45
Diameter Mm11.48
Package Quantity50

Additional information

Weight .86 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 8 × 4 cm