Thermacell Repellent Refills (12 Mats and 4 Cartridges)


For use in fuel-powered Thermacell Repellers, Lanterns, and Torches
Each repellent mat lasts up to 4 hours and each fuel cartridge lasts up to 12 hours
No spray and no mess. Scent-free and DEET-free.
Active ingredient is Allethrin, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers
Package contains: 3 repellent mats and 1 fuel cartridge

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Original Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills effectively repel mosquitoes by creating a scent-free 15-foot zone of protection when used in fuel-powered Thermacell Repellers. Ideal for use while you are camping, hunting, fishing, gardening and around the backyard.

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Weight .18 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × 4 cm


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